Fun:Plaster Casting

IMG_5522 It was fun walking making the plaster casting. At first, I did’t know what to do until I ask a classmate to help out. He was really helpful. He walked me through every steps. I was able to make the plaster casting with friends. I didn’t make a great handprint of my hand, but at least, it was fun. Next time, I think I can make a better handprint.


Who is your favorite artist?

Classmate conversation:

So, on our first day of class, I met Darryl. He majoring in human development and this is his last semester at cal state long beach. I am very happy to meet Darryl. I interviewed Darryl by asking him, who is his favorite artist? And he shared that his favorite artist is Utada Hikaru, because she writes and produces all her music.  He also mentioned that he find her to be highly talented. Lastly, he said that her genre caters is to his liking and her music emits a genuine love for music.


at CSULB in Art 110 class meeting Darryl