Week 5-Graffiti writing

Once in a life time, I had a great experience trying graffiti writing. I never thought I would do graffiti in my life because I had a bad impression towards it. When I pressed out down the cap, the spray comes out easily. At first, I was nervous then by the time I am done with the first one. It made me want to do more. Also, I let my mom and cousin tried and they like it. My cousin love it and he said that he had a lot of fun. Next time, I hope to make my name into bubbles letters. I feel like with bubbles letter, it will make it more like a real graffiti. At first, I judge graffiti, but after doing it. I feel okay. I am glad that I get to try new things in art class.


Week #5- Artist Conversation- Jane Weibel


Exhibition information 

Artist: Jane Weibel

Exhibition: Psycho Cyclo

Media: Photography, paper, plastic, ceramics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

email: JaneWeibel@gmail.com

website: Janeweibel.com

Instagram: Janrmargarette


About the Artist:

Jane Weibel is an artist for Psycho Cyclo art piece. Jane is from San Diego. CSULB undergraduate Jane Weibel working toward her BFA degree in the School of Art’s Ceramics Program. This is her last year working toward BF in Ceramic and so far she thinks that ceramics is awesome and special. She shared that the best was the faculties and working with tone of equipment. Also, she mentioned that the community that she working is awesome because they give her encouragement. When Jane was little, she likes to color. At first, she didn’t know that she wanted to do art. First, Jane was a bio major and was in a message therapist for once, but she kind of change the major to art. She shared that most of her day she enjoyed making and being at the exhibit. Jane future goal is to finish with grad school then if she could not, she would find way to get money relating to art. One student asks if she wants to become a professor in art. She said that she does not want to become an Art professor, but she wants to practice and not with education institution.

Formal Analysis

Jane Weibel, creation of, Psycho Cyclo, has a deep meaning behind each of the art pieces. Jane first finished the rock, but the ceramic took longer. She mentioned that all the picture that she had under the rock is all female and she took her own photo. The people that are in the photo are her friends and from some else perspective it could be anonymous. It took her a long time to finished because each part took like 3 to 4 months. She mentioned that she has a lot curiosity, if she has mistaken, she makes a new one. Sometimes, she makes objects that does not relate to each other. In addition, she shared that the material that she used are Daiso items such as laundry baskets, gardens kind of material, anything plastic, and have holes. She got help from her friends to help cut and stitching it together for a total of 30 hours.

Content Analysis

Jane wants to point out the work in Psycho Cyclo to viewers is “a collection of gestures that explore the ways women are so often spoken for, objectified, dismissed, stereotyped, shamed, cheated, constrained, repressed, overpowered, manipulated, erased, ignored, and harmed.” She also mentioned that that it angers her, and “it drives my artistic practice.” Furthermore, the artwork also mentioned that, “she has never made this public proclamation. She hesitates to advertise this label and instead remain relatively quiet about her grievances.” She shared with us what is meaning of having a paper shredder. She said that the use of shredding papers is a gesture of a person having to go through or being treated that way. For example, they are being overlooked in general like their jobs and identity. People shred papers because that paper is important to them.

Synthesis/My Experience

When I was entering the Gatov Gallery West gallery, I was amazed with Jane artwork and setup. I was amazed when I was looking the cage that she made for hours that turned out to be a great art piece that everyone enjoyed looking at. I can feel what she trying to express with her art. For example, the cage represent that imprison and space that someone is trapped in. Also, she wants to express the issues that women are view in a certain way. I realized that there is no picture for the shredded papers and the cage. She explained that she also wants to express art that does not have images. And adding a picture to the two art pieces will take away the meaning. To her art is a mystery. Each of her artworks has a lot of details. Overall, I like the meaning of the shredded papers because Jane wants to express that a person has to through being looked over in general and job, identity, and culture.


week 4: Automatic drawing

The experience of drawing the automatic drawing was a great experience. This mechanical drawing helps me realise that anything that you come up with is art. I am jubilant to draw with my sister. My sister mentioned that she feels excited when she was drawing with me. We can move our the pens at the same rhythm. We were able to stay focus drawing because we were turning off the light. Overall, this new experience was fun. The result that we got is not what we expected. Even though it does not look like art, I think this is art to me. We both we’re laughing while we were holding the pen to draw.




Week 4-Artist Conversation-Maya Ta and Carly Lake

Exhibition information:

Exhibition: CLOSER

Media: Paint, A Response to Classical Music

Gallery: CSULB School of Art,

website: No website

Instagram: Maypta

About the Artist

May Ta and Carly Lake are the artist for “CLOSER” art piece. Mary and Carly worked together to showcase their art. Mainly, I interviewed May because Carly was busy. May, is an international student who moved from Vietnam a few years ago, and she is currently living Anaheim City. She is working toward her BFA undergrad degree in the School of Illustration. She is currently a California State University of Long Beach student. She decided to come to CSULB because she knows that CSULB has the strongest art department. Her family wanted her to major in engineering, but she chooses to follow her dreams in becoming an artist. She mentioned that her family stop supporting her. May is looking forward working with Carly again to make it “powerful and random.” As for her future goals, she wants a space for various exhibition for contemporary art.

Formal Analysis:

May Ta and Carly Lake, creation of CLOSER, has a deep story behind each of their art pieces. May and Carly started forming their ideas and putting into action in May and they finished by the end of summer. In her daily life, she says that she does not feel lonely, but she always alone. She also said that lonely and being alone are does not have the same meaning which everyone thinks they are similar. She shared with us that “being alone can feel like absolute presence yet so often takes forms of isolation and emptiness.” CLOSER, has a secret behind each of the art piece. May artwork begins on the right hand side then around the walls. She shared with us that the frame that has a shadow of a person and open door represents that there “always human is trapped and they cannot escape from room in space, space in a room, physically and internally.” The art piece with a window frames represents that “the life of people different people that we didn’t notice.” May also mentioned that “our body of work discusses the persistent, universal desire for intimacy, while also acknowledge that we are always, ultimately alone.” There has to be a “balance between intimacy with others and intimacy with ourselves.”

Content Analysis:

In May and Carly wants to point out to viewers that “the living quarters of a stranger, allowing the guest to seemingly enter the private space of another person.” May and Carly created this art piece to have an “intimate solitude” by having the chair, bed, and easel. Once you have an intimacy with another person you are able to “find yourself.” The title of their exhibition, CLOSER, “discusses the persistent, universal desire for intimacy, while also acknowledging that we are always, ultimately alone.” Furthermore, the artwork also mentioned that “being alone can feel like absolute presence yet so often takes on forms of isolation and emptiness.” Besides, their artwork even mentioned that being with people can be “either a hindrance or a pathway to find yourself.” The art piece, the one with a lot of colors and with just one person that was being isolate has meaning from looking at it. May explained to us that one person was being isolated.

Synthesis/ My Experience

When I was entering the Dutzi Gallery, I was amazed with their artwork and set up. When a student asks her where does the art begins. That’s when I found out that instead of entering from the right hand side of the room, I entered on the left hand side. It was interesting to me, when I was looking the frames of windows and people inside a room. The first things that comes into my mind when I was looking at those windows was that people in each of the room has different going on. May explained to us that the windows they tell different story and the life of different people that we didn’t notice. Another art piece that I found interesting was a colorful painting of a person surrounding by nothing. She shared with us that the person is isolated. Maya even share with us the art piece with a bed and a blanket sheet with sewing letter. It was interesting about this art piece was because those are the letters that her friend, Carly, and Carly boyfriend wrote to each other. Also, Carly sew those letters together into a sheet. The mattress represents the existence the time they spent together. May stated that, “time mark your existence.” Overall, I thought her project is very interesting. Relating to real life, I think it is better to have a friend or be with someone than being alone.



Week 3- Artist Conversation-Alvaro A.S.F




Artist: Alvaro A.S.F

Exhibition: A Response to Classical Music

Media:Paint, Mixed-Media, Installation

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

email: arturo830@gmail.com

website: in progress..

instagram: N/A

About the Artist:

Alvaro A.S.F., is a transfer student who is working hard toward BFA undergrad degree in the School of Art’s Sculpture Program. He is currently a California State University of Long Beach Student. As for his future goal, he wants to become an art teacher and to “inspired others to do in their lifetime.” He first started with his interest in classical music and from listening to it he then wanted to keep exploring classical music. His inspiration and artistic will not only inspired me, but everyone around the world.

Formal Analysis: 

Alvaro’s creation called A Response to Classical Music, have major parts such as the canvas and blank installation space. He begins his project with a blank installation space, similar to a black canvas for a painting; “however his clothing and the floor piece index the process of changing responses to Classical Music.” Inside the gallery room, the left side, there was a canvas that he painted white because he feels like the space was too emptied so he started to reference the first to step to the black installation space.He did it to make it look natural. Also, on the right hand side, there was a black installation space that have a mixture of spattered from his response to Classical Music with black background. He shared A response to Classical music begins with his body with his body through a process of responding to music. He also mentioned that it is not a dance perform even when people thinks it’s a dance performance. In his project, he uses the audio of Beethoven Overture Fidelio. When he was responding to the classical music, he “fall into a trance of different parts of [his] body that have a response to the overture.” When he responded to the sound of the music, he “fall into a trance of different sounds of overture in search of new experience.” Also, the “language through different parts of his body that have a response to the overture.” His describes his response to the overture with great details. The clothing that he wear was from his everyday clothes that he wore. In his project clothing he wear are described as his physical body, the paint, the audio and the movement of his body that are part of the “sculpture painting piece.”

Content Analysis:

Alvaro’s project is about his own response to Beethoven Overture Fidelio classical music with just the audio. He shared with students that he listened to all types of music, but he finds classical music easier to respond because he was curious and he had a different respond. He stated that when he was downloading musics from iPod, it is by accident that he finds the Beethoven Overture Fidelio. The movements of the body is not a break dance, it is his way of responding to the Beethoven music that he listened to. In the future, he would like to try a different genre of classical music. As we interviewed him, we were curious if he have a special outfit that he used for the his artwork, but instead the clothes that he used are his everyday comfort outfit that he wears usually.

Synthesis/My Experience

When I was entering the Marilyn Werby Gallery, I was amazed from looking at his artwork. From watching the video that was displayed for us, I wouldn’t think it would have a such meaning. The video that he displayed to us was the artist, who is responding, to the classical music. When the artist incorporate music with body movements, this reminds me of how my friend and I responds to hip-hop, music such as Korean pop, Cambodian cultural music, and christian’s music. I was inspired that artist was able to create a great project that was relatable to an individual. This shows that art can be create from own movements and music which all of us are listening to everyday.






Wk3-Classmate Conversation-Tiffany Pham

IMG_5694.JPGThis week I met Tiffany at the art gallery. She is majoring in Fashion Merchandising and is a 2nd year. She is also from San Pedro, CA. For her hobbies, she likes to do shopping and cutting up vintage tees. Her experience is just with some basic art classes in middle school and high school. Also she did DIY on Pin-interest too. Tiffany would like to explore 3D printing and maybe even participate in live art. Also the type of that has had the most influence on her would be recycled art, which is a class she took in high school. It taught her how to make art out of recycled materials, which is something that could help benefit the earth. I am really happy to meet and talk with my new friend, Tiffany.

week 2: Landscapes of Corpse:Self Portrait

Mostly, I could see that people stress a lot. When people stressed, they tend to get sick or have mental illness. For some people stress with homework and want to die. Based on what I watch from dramas, students stress with school work because their parent force them to be in a major that they don’t want. So it gives them a hard time. So, I recommend to not stress too much, and enjoy life when you can. So, I decided to take a portrait of myself stressing too much with my homework. The loose leaf papers represent school work and I have a loose grip of the pen. And this represent giving up.

Wk2-Classmate Conversation-Fatima Negrete-Farias

I interviewed my classmate Fatima. Regarding the question is art important, and is it important for the world today, Fatima believes it is important because many forms of art are gathered together, such as paintings, sculptures, music, or dances. For example, in art museums, people from different ages, race, region, and cultures can see through various ideas or messages through a painting. Other forms of art, such as music and dances bring different cultures together by having a performance to show a hidden message or to show what type or what what kind of background they come from. For example, Bollywood, many people gather to embrace art. Art connects many people together who are different in appearances, but who can share similar ideas. IMG_5049