Wk3-Classmate Conversation-Tiffany Pham

IMG_5694.JPGThis week I met Tiffany at the art gallery. She is majoring in Fashion Merchandising and is a 2nd year. She is also from San Pedro, CA. For her hobbies, she likes to do shopping and cutting up vintage tees. Her experience is just with some basic art classes in middle school and high school. Also she did DIY on Pin-interest too. Tiffany would like to explore 3D printing and maybe even participate in live art. Also the type of that has had the most influence on her would be recycled art, which is a class she took in high school. It taught her how to make art out of recycled materials, which is something that could help benefit the earth. I am really happy to meet and talk with my new friend, Tiffany.


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