Week 4-Artist Conversation-Maya Ta and Carly Lake

Exhibition information:

Exhibition: CLOSER

Media: Paint, A Response to Classical Music

Gallery: CSULB School of Art,

website: No website

Instagram: Maypta

About the Artist

May Ta and Carly Lake are the artist for “CLOSER” art piece. Mary and Carly worked together to showcase their art. Mainly, I interviewed May because Carly was busy. May, is an international student who moved from Vietnam a few years ago, and she is currently living Anaheim City. She is working toward her BFA undergrad degree in the School of Illustration. She is currently a California State University of Long Beach student. She decided to come to CSULB because she knows that CSULB has the strongest art department. Her family wanted her to major in engineering, but she chooses to follow her dreams in becoming an artist. She mentioned that her family stop supporting her. May is looking forward working with Carly again to make it “powerful and random.” As for her future goals, she wants a space for various exhibition for contemporary art.

Formal Analysis:

May Ta and Carly Lake, creation of CLOSER, has a deep story behind each of their art pieces. May and Carly started forming their ideas and putting into action in May and they finished by the end of summer. In her daily life, she says that she does not feel lonely, but she always alone. She also said that lonely and being alone are does not have the same meaning which everyone thinks they are similar. She shared with us that “being alone can feel like absolute presence yet so often takes forms of isolation and emptiness.” CLOSER, has a secret behind each of the art piece. May artwork begins on the right hand side then around the walls. She shared with us that the frame that has a shadow of a person and open door represents that there “always human is trapped and they cannot escape from room in space, space in a room, physically and internally.” The art piece with a window frames represents that “the life of people different people that we didn’t notice.” May also mentioned that “our body of work discusses the persistent, universal desire for intimacy, while also acknowledge that we are always, ultimately alone.” There has to be a “balance between intimacy with others and intimacy with ourselves.”

Content Analysis:

In May and Carly wants to point out to viewers that “the living quarters of a stranger, allowing the guest to seemingly enter the private space of another person.” May and Carly created this art piece to have an “intimate solitude” by having the chair, bed, and easel. Once you have an intimacy with another person you are able to “find yourself.” The title of their exhibition, CLOSER, “discusses the persistent, universal desire for intimacy, while also acknowledging that we are always, ultimately alone.” Furthermore, the artwork also mentioned that “being alone can feel like absolute presence yet so often takes on forms of isolation and emptiness.” Besides, their artwork even mentioned that being with people can be “either a hindrance or a pathway to find yourself.” The art piece, the one with a lot of colors and with just one person that was being isolate has meaning from looking at it. May explained to us that one person was being isolated.

Synthesis/ My Experience

When I was entering the Dutzi Gallery, I was amazed with their artwork and set up. When a student asks her where does the art begins. That’s when I found out that instead of entering from the right hand side of the room, I entered on the left hand side. It was interesting to me, when I was looking the frames of windows and people inside a room. The first things that comes into my mind when I was looking at those windows was that people in each of the room has different going on. May explained to us that the windows they tell different story and the life of different people that we didn’t notice. Another art piece that I found interesting was a colorful painting of a person surrounding by nothing. She shared with us that the person is isolated. Maya even share with us the art piece with a bed and a blanket sheet with sewing letter. It was interesting about this art piece was because those are the letters that her friend, Carly, and Carly boyfriend wrote to each other. Also, Carly sew those letters together into a sheet. The mattress represents the existence the time they spent together. May stated that, “time mark your existence.” Overall, I thought her project is very interesting. Relating to real life, I think it is better to have a friend or be with someone than being alone.




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