Week #8: Sketching in the Japanese Garden

I really enjoyed being at the Japanese Garden. I find it relaxing and very peaceful. I also enjoyed sketching in the garden, it made me feel like a real artist, wherever you go you can make a sketch of something. Also, I find it hard and frustrated at the same time to sketch what I see. For example, making a sketch of my own hand. Usually, I saw a stick figure of my own hand and make it into a balloon style, but by looking at my hand and draw, it was hard. Also, I think that taking picture would be easier, it snap a shot of everything you saw. I know that sketching is not easy for first time, but I know that if I continued to practice, I will get better at it. Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to experience a “new experience” sketching at the Japanese Garden. Next time, if I have time, I would go to the Japanese Garden with family to sketch.



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