Week 8- Artist Conversation- Emily Tomasello

A piece of art that she shared with me is an illustration by her favorite designer or illustrator, Kimberly Gordon. She like it because she’s a huge fan of the brand Wildfox, and she would like to work for that company some day. She also shared that Kimberly was the former CEO of Wildfox. Emily thinks that her work is just so soft and elegant. Also she thinks others should experience her work because it is very imaginative and playful. Also she should definitely be supportive of her child to take art if they wanted to pursue an art career. She think if an art career is what makes them happy, then they should go for it. Also that’s what life is all about, doing what makes you happy. Most of the apps from our phone were similar. The apps are snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and etc. The apps that she has on her phone that are different from mine are Twitter, Tumblr, Vine and etc. I had a great conversation with Emily. She also shared with me that majoring in Fashion and Merchandising.




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