Week #9-Art Care Package


I am going to send the art care package to my older sister, Bunry. I chose these items to to send to my sister.I chose the passport and the airplane ticket is because I travel to Cambodia with her. In the future, I planned to traveled around the world with her. Also the pandora bracelet, hair ties, and the Korean hair pins are all items that she likes. Also when you traveled you need money. Sending someone an ACP similar to sending someone a Snapchat is by pasting things that you wanted to share to other or wants other to see. Also sending someone an ACP can be different from sending them a snapchat is by sending ACP, you can keep it forever while snapchat is just a 10 seconds thing. I think of Ephemera is precious thing that you can do for someone on special occasion. For example, can be for their birthday or Christmas gift. I think it will gain value over time. The plane ticket that was from a long time ago means a lot to me. The plane ticket is when me and my sister was traveling together to Cambodia. There is a different between art that is seen by many people, like a painting in the Museum of Modern Art, art that is seen by few because the art seen by many people are far more famous and was created by a famous person. On contrary, art seen by a few are somewhat of art, but is not famous yet. Similar to the ACP, I would say that an art that is seen by a few and the few people is special to you. The time and effort difference mean a lot to that particle person you want to send ACP to whether it take a longer or less. I think fast is better is by sending it right away and you feel happy faster, while slow can be better if that stuff is valuable and has a lot of meaning. If it valuable, if it slow or fast, it does not matter, and at least gets there. People sometimes says things like prepare a meal with love. I do not think preparing a meal with love is as fast as you can get a food at McDonald’s drive-thru because meal with love is more detail than just a to-go food. I think that ACP have a possibility of containing a sort of “love” different from a Snapchat because ACP is slower to make and you make it with details. Also, you put all the effort to create a meaningful ACP for that particle person.


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