Week 10- Artist Conversation- Daniela Lonescu

Exhibition information 

Artist: Daniela Lonescu

Exhibition: La Blouse Roumaine; Cultural Identity/ Art/ Fashion

Media: Art History

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East


website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

About the Artist:

Daniela Lonescu is working hard toward BFA in art history degree in the school of Art History. This is her last year at California State University. She shared with us that she was born in Romania. In the future, she wants to work at the museum, she wants to create textile and also she wants to open a Romanian museum. She really wants people to know about the past and the beauty of the history of art. She even shared that she brought it online from Germany, France, and Romanian. These clothes that she showcasing, people still wear them now a day, in the country. She was given a certain three days to finish putting them together.

Formal Analysis: 

Daniela Lonescu, creation of, La Blouse Roumaine, has sixteen major blouses that was presented in the exhibit. He began by explaining to us each of the history of every blouses. She shared that the Romanian blouse was and still is an inspiration for artists and fashion designers. There are famous people who was spired by the Romanian Blouses, for example, Henri Matisse’ La Blouse Roumaine (1940), Saint Laurent’s Romanian blouse collection, and Joseph Altuzarra’s collection. Daniela also shared that in this tradition context, the Romanian blouse was worn not only by parents, but by wives of wealthy nobleman and molality as an expression of their national identity. She mentioned that she loves telling stories of each of the Romanian blouses. She mentioned that the most remarkable example of adopting the blouse as a sign of cultural identity was Queen Marie of Romania, who at the beginning of the 1900s proved to be the highest promoter of the Romanian traditional dress on the international scene.

Each of the blouses that was on a display in the inhibition has a decorative aspect and their timeless beauty, these blouses are venerable artifacts, communicating through hand-embroidered symbols that identity of their own weaver. The stitching and the ancient pattern communicate the weaver’s region, membership in a group, and individual identity at one and the same time. Also they were thought to have appropriate qualities power to avert evil influence and bad luck. Each of blouses tell a unique story. 

Content Analysis:

Daniela’s project is about her own mission is to continue telling the story of the Romanian blouse, which is the history of the women who wore it. She mentioned that the dark color is for elders and lighter color is for younger people. Usually, they wore the Romanian blouses for church, celebration, festival, and Christmas. The skirt is just simple wrapped around your waist. Each of the village, county, and regions has its own type of designs. Romania have for regions. In the exhibit, the blouse with black is frim the Southern of the Romanian; it represents the richest, wealth, and the rapped represent protecting the womb. In addition, the right side is the culture rule; she shared that this woman chooses blue because she is young wife and she is optimistic for her future. The purple blouse was chosen by a young woman who wants to be different from everyone else. The olive blouse Is from a city area. Each of the material that they used to make these blouses are originally from their village. Lastly this pretty blouse is made by a man, who is from a peasant family, and he wanted to create something unusual and became famous for it. Also the Valentino 2015 collection was spired by him.

Synthesis/My Experience

When I was entering the gallery, I was amazed from looking at all the colorful blouses. Each of the blouses has a unique story behind that even I can relate to. I am so happy to see what Daniella did because she has her own way to showcased her art. Also I am happy that she is representing her own culture and she won’t forget her own culture when moving to America. I love all the color blouses that she has. In the future, I wish to go Romania and wear one of these blouses. This remind me of my own culture in Cambodia. In Cambodia, when women get married they have their own dress color that they wanted to wear. Also Daniella inspired me that in the future I can show case Cambodian traditional clothing.



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