Week #12-Artist Conversation- Nicholas Dison

Exhibition information 

Artist: Nicholas Dison

Exhibition: Synergizing Fields

Media: Ceramic

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, West Gaton Gallery

email: N/A

website: N/A

Instagram: #Dison_Ceramics

About the Artist:

Nicholas Dison, is a student who is working hard toward BFA undergrad degree in the School of Art’s Ceramic. He is currently a California State University of Long Beach Student and this is his 4th year. He told us that he is currently work here and assist the ceramic technical. I amazed how he got a job here at the school with his major. He created ceramics objects that form a conversation about art, and he’s operating in the field of crafts, ceramics, and contemporary art. His inspiration and artistic will not only inspired me, but everyone around the world.

Formal Analysis: 

Nicholas Dison, creation of Synergizing Fields was creative. He created ceramics objects that form conversation about art. Within his field of ceramics, He used clay as a medium to create objects that have a particle function or decorative purpose. Those object can be sculptural, figurative, or functional. He is questioning traditional ideas of how art is defined in relation to how it is made, while it creates a dialogue with Color Field painting. The mix modern colorful painting and classical with the gilled border and table by putting these new contexts on top. He mentioned that one piece with the cross represent how church used to control artist. He mixed many ingredients as possible and you cannot repeat them and you can get a different product, hear, and glaze. Color Flied painting emphasis on color, material, and expanse as a ties directly to the surface concerns involved in ceramic glazing, yet as an “epitome of mid-twentieth-century high modernist art. This is a separate itself both from craft traditions, and from pre modernist aesthetics and ornamentation. His work looks to pit styles, genres, and traditions against one another to consider their shared qualities and differences. The objects are placed within the framework on the painting. The objects are melting into color fields, the abstract color fields with a tight design on the objects within the painting. He placed these objects that are found in the home that are embellished with floral patterns and filigree.

Content Analysis: 

Nicholas’s project is about how used clay as a medium to create objects that have a particle function or decorative purpose. In his recent works treat the glazed surface as a form of Color Field painting, yet retrain the expansive “field” association of the genre with Baroque and Victorian inspired frames and objects imbedded with floral patterns and filigree. He mentioned that when he was glazing, he feels exciting. His exploration allows for great variability while still allowing him to reproduce desirable results. His exploration of ceramics materials has led him to new discoveries; from one failure until a new idea was forms. Then he fired the pieces’ multiple of times until the piece feels complete.

Synthesis/My Experience: 

When I was entering the West Gaton Gallery. I was amazed how the frames was set up. Each of the frames has a unique meaning. I thought it was painting until reading his personal statements. First frame that I looked at reminded me of graffiti. I inspired the artist that he was able to create a great project that can be related to the Baroque and Victorian. I thought it was a great idea. I like all of pieces that he put together. This shows that art can be create from that has meaning to you.



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