Exhibition information 

Artist: Brittany Waters

Exhibition: Jewelry art, SheSea Turtles; artbywaters

Media: Ceramic

Gallery: CSULB School of Art,

email: N/A

website: N/A

Instagram: artbywaters

About the Artist:

Brittany Waters, is a student who is working hard toward BFA undergrad degree in the School of Art’s Ceramic. She is currently a California State University of Long Beach Student and this is her 4th year. She will be graduating this spring.

Formal Analysis: 

Brittany Waters creation of her art was amazing. She mentioned that she have the turtle around the functional ware. She said that was she was young, she saw a real life turtles at the ocean when she was 12. She met a 300 pounds’ turtle and petting the that turtle. Then when she was 22 year-old, she went to Hawaii and saw 48 female turtles. She thinks they are beautiful. Her jewelry art involves sea turtles.  I saw there were five things she have on the table. There were ceramic turtle necklace, a sponge holder, and a plates have the turtle on top. She chooses the color that is watery and blue. She was in Long Beach that was when she was inspired. She even mentioned that before when she was living in sacramento her artwork involved green and nature. She was wondering if she moves to the  dessert, what would her art piece would be like.

Content Analysis:

Brittany’s project is about her Jewelry art in turtle. She was able too shared with her her experience. Before she mentioned that was working with installation. Also she planning to work for her final gallery show with ceramic and cellphone teapot, and work at jewelry art. At the age of 19 and 20 she was drawing. Also she mentioned that she was exposed to art at a young age. For instance, during Christmas she received an art kit and take art class at a young age. She remembered that he dad would draw a picture of a rabbit for her.

Synthesis/My Experience:

When entering the exhibit Brittany’s jewelry art caught my attention because I like jewelry. To me, the art she had made are caught my eye. I wanted to show support, but there was not enough money to purchase. Also, I love the color that she uses for her art. It was beautiful how she made the necklace of the turtle. I feel smooth and I like the material for the necklace. It was great to her know her last name, Waters. It matches what she is doing. She mentioned that her Instagram is said artbywaters. I thought that was also amazing how she comes up with.




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