week #14- Instagram

I am new to Instagram. I signed up for Instagram this summer. It was hard for me to know how to use Instagram at first, but now I am kind of okay with it. I had fun taking picture with my friend and classmates. It was hard to hashtag. I hashtag it wrong, but now I am okay. I like all the photos my classmates post their photo of themselves. I would say I had a great experience posting photos. My friend was having a hard time posting her photo because I was her first time. I had to help her. After getting the hang of it, we both said that was not bad to so. I saw that each of person created a unique wording to explain their picture. I found it funny when my friend post a picture of me when I wasn’t ready.  Also the picture that they took is mostly at school. I really enjoyed reading their comments under their picture. They are so creative. So far, I had fun.


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