Week #15- Finger Painting

img_6702The experience when I was doing the finger painting was relaxing. Before doing it, I was study for my final for chemistry class, so it kind of have relieved my stress. Also to not think a lot.  I was able to paint freely. It was easier than I expected because I thought I could never paint, and paint like it when I was 10 years old. Painting with no subject made my life a lot easier than when I was in art class in middle school or an assignment I did in high school. I would say relaxing. This painting activity is different from our previous painting activity, Graffiti Writing. It can be the same is when I am relaxing doing what I want on that white paper. They are different is that on is painting so I could fix and add something new when I am messing it up while graffiti I would say it is harder. Overall, it kind of similar, is what you wanted to express on that white paper. I can’t think of any  kind of connection between them as different ways of using paint and creating visual experiences. So far,  I really enjoyed being in art class. My favorite are plaster casting, sketching in the garden, and graffiti writing. I like these activity is because I like being the garden where it is nice and quiet. Also, graffiti is fun when at first I thought it was only for gangsters. Lastly, Plaster casting was awesome. Overall  I love all the activity that you incorporated for this semester.


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