Week #9-Art Care Package


I am going to send the art care package to my older sister, Bunry. I chose these items to to send to my sister.I chose the passport and the airplane ticket is because I travel to Cambodia with her. In the future, I planned to traveled around the world with her. Also the pandora bracelet, hair ties, and the Korean hair pins are all items that she likes. Also when you traveled you need money. Sending someone an ACP similar to sending someone a Snapchat is by pasting things that you wanted to share to other or wants other to see. Also sending someone an ACP can be different from sending them a snapchat is by sending ACP, you can keep it forever while snapchat is just a 10 seconds thing. I think of Ephemera is precious thing that you can do for someone on special occasion. For example, can be for their birthday or Christmas gift. I think it will gain value over time. The plane ticket that was from a long time ago means a lot to me. The plane ticket is when me and my sister was traveling together to Cambodia. There is a different between art that is seen by many people, like a painting in the Museum of Modern Art, art that is seen by few because the art seen by many people are far more famous and was created by a famous person. On contrary, art seen by a few are somewhat of art, but is not famous yet. Similar to the ACP, I would say that an art that is seen by a few and the few people is special to you. The time and effort difference mean a lot to that particle person you want to send ACP to whether it take a longer or less. I think fast is better is by sending it right away and you feel happy faster, while slow can be better if that stuff is valuable and has a lot of meaning. If it valuable, if it slow or fast, it does not matter, and at least gets there. People sometimes says things like prepare a meal with love. I do not think preparing a meal with love is as fast as you can get a food at McDonald’s drive-thru because meal with love is more detail than just a to-go food. I think that ACP have a possibility of containing a sort of “love” different from a Snapchat because ACP is slower to make and you make it with details. Also, you put all the effort to create a meaningful ACP for that particle person.


Week 9- Artist Conversation-Carmina Correa

Artist: Carmina Correa

Exhibition: A Beach In Symmetry

Media: Sculpture

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East


website: decline

Instagram: decline

About the Artist:

Carmina Cottea, is a transfer student who is working hard toward BFA undergrad degree in the School of Art’s Sculpture. She transferred from Cypress CC and she is from Anaheim. She shared that she was born and raised in California. She is a senior and is currently a California State University of Long Beach Student. As for her future goal, she wants to work in fabrication. What spark her interest was drawing and her parent helped her and when it comes to creating projects, it comes natural to her. The exhibition was created by two others people, named Sam Megdeltos and Nick O’ Connell. I did not get to interviewed Sam and Nick because they are busy.

Formal Analysis: 

Carmina Cottea, Sam Megadeltos and Nick O Connell creation of A Beach in Symmetry, has major parts. Each of them has their own piece that they put together. Carmina shared that Sam did two pieces, Nick did 3 pieces, and she did 2 pieces of the exhibition. She did the confession box (untitled) and the sugar piece (untitled). The meaning behind confession box was that she Pilipino American and grew up in a family who is Catholic. Inside the confession box, there’s a lot of teddy. She said that the confession box represents the exploration of her own culture and history. Also the stuff animals that was inside the box is a casual thing that when you are sad. You can talk to the stuff animal or confession can happen. Also it not just a religion thing, but can be casual thin. She mentioned that internet can be a form of confession. She built the confession by herself. Another art piece that she created was the sugar piece (untitled). The sugar piece represents that she’s a type 2 diabetic. She even shared that “sugar to her mind is colonializing and following with disease and follows with Americans.” Also like when the Spanish colonizing the Philippine. Lastly, she shared that the result of human cognition. Manifestations within that psyche create layered intrapersonal voids, which leads to an internal guidance system, and simultaneously conflict dialogue. She mentioned that voids can acknowledge this types of age. Her statement on void is in the airplane and knowing what inside the airplane, but not knowing the outside of you, unawareness of information outside.

Content Analysis:

Carmina’s project is about her personal story and creating this amazing art piece. She shares that Sam, Nick and her came up with the idea was because they were reading a lot of articles and analyzing it. It was in one their classes requirement for the BFA and it called Seminar and Time Based Art. It took her from between Thursday to Sunday morning to finish the project. She was working hard so she did not get to leave the campus. She created two things from the whole project with two of her friend. She created the confession box and the sugar. The teddy that was inside the box were stuff animals. She infers that when you are feeling sad you can talk to the teddy and does not have to be a religion thing.

Synthesis/My Experience

When I was entering the gallery, I was amazed from looking at their artwork. From watching the video of the airplane and the pilot was controlling the airplane, I thought it was cool. I wish that Sam and Nick can be here with Carmina to explained their artwork together. Besides, I think the confession box was cool. I was surprised of some of the teddy bears that was inside that confession box. Those teddy bears that was inside are similar to what I have at home. Sometimes, I also talk to my teddy bear. Mostly, I talked to family about problems and things I feel sad, happy, or mad about. I inspired the artist that she was able to create great ideas of the sugar piece and the confession box.




Week 8- Artist Conversation- Emily Tomasello

A piece of art that she shared with me is an illustration by her favorite designer or illustrator, Kimberly Gordon. She like it because she’s a huge fan of the brand Wildfox, and she would like to work for that company some day. She also shared that Kimberly was the former CEO of Wildfox. Emily thinks that her work is just so soft and elegant. Also she thinks others should experience her work because it is very imaginative and playful. Also she should definitely be supportive of her child to take art if they wanted to pursue an art career. She think if an art career is what makes them happy, then they should go for it. Also that’s what life is all about, doing what makes you happy. Most of the apps from our phone were similar. The apps are snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and etc. The apps that she has on her phone that are different from mine are Twitter, Tumblr, Vine and etc. I had a great conversation with Emily. She also shared with me that majoring in Fashion and Merchandising.



Week #8: Sketching in the Japanese Garden

I really enjoyed being at the Japanese Garden. I find it relaxing and very peaceful. I also enjoyed sketching in the garden, it made me feel like a real artist, wherever you go you can make a sketch of something. Also, I find it hard and frustrated at the same time to sketch what I see. For example, making a sketch of my own hand. Usually, I saw a stick figure of my own hand and make it into a balloon style, but by looking at my hand and draw, it was hard. Also, I think that taking picture would be easier, it snap a shot of everything you saw. I know that sketching is not easy for first time, but I know that if I continued to practice, I will get better at it. Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to experience a “new experience” sketching at the Japanese Garden. Next time, if I have time, I would go to the Japanese Garden with family to sketch.


Week 7: Artist Conversation-Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition information 

Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition: Manos De Oro

Media:Installation, Found object, Video

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L Gatov Gallery East


website: dulcesoledadibarra.com


About the Artist

California States University of Long Beach, undergraduate Dulce Soledad Ibarra is working hard toward his BFA degree School of Art’s sculpture Program. She’s 25 years old and will be graduating in spring semester. She planned to go grad school. Dulce is a  shared that she was from Chino, California. She shared that her family is from central Mexico. Her parent do not block her from doing art as long as she is doing something. She was interested in Art because she works at museum. She was inspired by her younger sister to go to college. For her future goal, she wants to work for nonprofit, like doing programming and a lot of things. She wants to work with artist and community. She first started at community college then attend Cal State.

Formal Analysis

Dulce Soledad Ibarra, creation of Manos De Oro, has a touching meaning behind it. She mentioned that her idea to create, Manos De Oro, start about one year and half. Then it took her three months to prep  for the exhibit. She told us that she went to different gardner and asks for their equipment, especially from her dad. She shared that the survival guilt that she mentioned was her dad as Gardener and his other family is in Mexico. She shared that she do not have pride in her dad and before she feels ashamed. She knows her dad values and how much she did. She shared that the “mind is in solidarity with the hands, and the hands speak of the capabilities if the mind. Also, hands understand the important of touch by the ways of holding, pushing, pulling, grasping, gracing, lifting , gathering, reaching. “She describes that her father and have hands that work like machine. They meet in the intersection of labor as a craft and labors as a means of survival. They will themselves to create. She even shared that she has both guilt and pride carry cultural and personal characteristics, and an analysis of trauma is required to untangle these threads. Also the guilt and trauma is leaving home is in our hands. She wants to point out that we feel it when we have reach opportunities and surpass those before us.

Content Analysis

Dulce’s exhibit,Manos De Oro, is a reminder that all hands are made of gold, but some hangs are left invisible under the sun, covered in grease and the greenery of another man’s land. She go around trying to experience cutting the grass once with uniform, people would look at her weird and she noticed that after she put on the uniform and if she do not have uniform they do not acknowledge her. She noticed that labors does not get acknowledge as much. The video that she filmed, it was her who filmed it and she followed her dad around. She said that he been working ever since he got here in the state. In America, there’s opportunity. The the bag with grass and tree, she got it from the gardener. Before getting it from them, she helped them and she noticed that they have similar background. The Gold turf sack is from her dad.

Synthesis/My Experience

When I was entering the gallery, I noticed that all the items are related to gardening. Her meaning of her exhibit was amazing. She was able to shared with us through art for what her dad did in the past four years. She inspired me. Usually, when our parent do not work in a good job, we do not want to tell other what our parent does, but she was able to do it through art. Overall, she inspired me that do not feel ashamed of what what job your parent do. You should feel pride because they are working hard to get money for you and family.








Week 6- Zine book-me

When I was drawing I feel like I want to express what am I doing each and everyday. I enjoyed drawing and expressing each pictures. I have been a while since I draw. I am very happy to draw about my daily life because some people’s daily life can be different or similar. Basically, what I and doing each and everyday is go to school and go work. Then from work I would go home around 9 p.m. Also, I would take some time to watch Korean drama. Also, I would listened to Kpop and doing my homework at the same time. Sometimes, during the weekends I would go eat out with my friend and family. I feel happy that I get to see my daily life by drawing out. I want to say that I am very grateful to have a chance to do all these things each and very while others do not.


week 6- Artist conversation- Blaine Scot Prow

Artist: Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition: Extrusions

Media: Mixed Media, Installation

Gallery: CSULB School of Graphic Design, Merlino-Gallery


website: @tiffuts

Instagram: Blain Prow

About the Artist:

California States University of Long Beach, undergraduate Blaine Scot Prow is working hard toward his BFA degree in School of Art’s Graphic Design Program. Blain starts out as an engineering because he wants to design and he thought that what he wanted to do. Now, he realized that he is interested in graphic design. Currently, he a senior at CSULB and will be graduating soon for his BFA. After graduating he wants to get a job in the graphic design industry. Also, he stated that in the graphic design studio, all they did is design. For example, an artist who is working for Coca Cola and Red Bull would specifically design for that company. He initially wants to work for the automatic because he said that automatic advertise on social media. He thinks it would be cool to see his design on screen of T.V. Mostly importantly, I was impress when he said that, “he needs to start from the bottom then go up from there. He always been interested in cars and he used to do a “mock design” once.

Formal Analysis:  

Blaine Scot Prow, creation of, Extrusion has six major models. Blain shared that it took him thirty minutes to one hour to finished with each of the model. He first draws it in his computer then print it out in a regular piece of paper then use transfer paper, paper with graphite, on top of the actual paper. Next, he would start by tracing the print out to the actual paper. Finally, he got a nice construction of shapes. He mentioned that, he has always been obsessed with geometry. He was fascinated with the construction, interaction and relationship between shapes in high school. He constructing and using dimensional shapes. For example, He want to make something from with two dimensional into three dimensional. He shared that first draw “four lines to make a square but draw a few more lines and then you have a cube” of three dimensions’ objects onto two dimensions. He said that it is interesting when it comes to projecting three-dimensional objects from two- dimensional shapes. The basic is to draw a cube, “when it comes time to construct a cube the shape developed in two-dimensions may not at all resemble its three-dimensional counterpart. He said that “one way is to make a cube from paper is cut a shape that more or less looks like a cross with four faces of the cube aligned in on direction and two additional faces adjoined on the side. “Overall. he stated that the process of cutting and folding paper shape is where the idea for Extrusion came from.

Content Analysis:

Blaine’s project is about his way of finding out how fascinating it was to make something out of two dimensions to three dimensions. Blain shared that he was simply “cutting out square, create a diagonal creates from each corner and fold it upon itself the resulting shape was a triangular pyramid.” Additional, he found that by “leaving one edge attached to the paper he cut from, it allowed him to see the relationship between the square and triangular pyramid. He also shared with us that it was fascinating to showcase Extrusion. There were six Extrusion; This That (15”x12”), Up Down (15”x12”), C.O(12”x12”), Triangular Square (12”x12”), Square pentagon (12”x12”), lastly the Factory (22”x27”). Each of the art model have good presentation of the 3 dimensions art. 

Synthesis/My Experience: 

When I was entering SOA Courtyard gallery, I was amazed from looking at all the shapes that he presented on the wall. At first, when I was walking inside the gallery, I was amazed on how each of the Extrusion was created. As I was walking around the triangular square catches my attention. Blain gave us a “try me” model, I think he had a great idea to let see and touched his art. His art shows that geometric could take part in art. He inspired me because he was able to create something creative from scratch. Overall, I learned that you can design things in computer and you can make it into real life.



Week 5-Graffiti writing

Once in a life time, I had a great experience trying graffiti writing. I never thought I would do graffiti in my life because I had a bad impression towards it. When I pressed out down the cap, the spray comes out easily. At first, I was nervous then by the time I am done with the first one. It made me want to do more. Also, I let my mom and cousin tried and they like it. My cousin love it and he said that he had a lot of fun. Next time, I hope to make my name into bubbles letters. I feel like with bubbles letter, it will make it more like a real graffiti. At first, I judge graffiti, but after doing it. I feel okay. I am glad that I get to try new things in art class.

Week #5- Artist Conversation- Jane Weibel


Exhibition information 

Artist: Jane Weibel

Exhibition: Psycho Cyclo

Media: Photography, paper, plastic, ceramics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

email: JaneWeibel@gmail.com

website: Janeweibel.com

Instagram: Janrmargarette


About the Artist:

Jane Weibel is an artist for Psycho Cyclo art piece. Jane is from San Diego. CSULB undergraduate Jane Weibel working toward her BFA degree in the School of Art’s Ceramics Program. This is her last year working toward BF in Ceramic and so far she thinks that ceramics is awesome and special. She shared that the best was the faculties and working with tone of equipment. Also, she mentioned that the community that she working is awesome because they give her encouragement. When Jane was little, she likes to color. At first, she didn’t know that she wanted to do art. First, Jane was a bio major and was in a message therapist for once, but she kind of change the major to art. She shared that most of her day she enjoyed making and being at the exhibit. Jane future goal is to finish with grad school then if she could not, she would find way to get money relating to art. One student asks if she wants to become a professor in art. She said that she does not want to become an Art professor, but she wants to practice and not with education institution.

Formal Analysis

Jane Weibel, creation of, Psycho Cyclo, has a deep meaning behind each of the art pieces. Jane first finished the rock, but the ceramic took longer. She mentioned that all the picture that she had under the rock is all female and she took her own photo. The people that are in the photo are her friends and from some else perspective it could be anonymous. It took her a long time to finished because each part took like 3 to 4 months. She mentioned that she has a lot curiosity, if she has mistaken, she makes a new one. Sometimes, she makes objects that does not relate to each other. In addition, she shared that the material that she used are Daiso items such as laundry baskets, gardens kind of material, anything plastic, and have holes. She got help from her friends to help cut and stitching it together for a total of 30 hours.

Content Analysis

Jane wants to point out the work in Psycho Cyclo to viewers is “a collection of gestures that explore the ways women are so often spoken for, objectified, dismissed, stereotyped, shamed, cheated, constrained, repressed, overpowered, manipulated, erased, ignored, and harmed.” She also mentioned that that it angers her, and “it drives my artistic practice.” Furthermore, the artwork also mentioned that, “she has never made this public proclamation. She hesitates to advertise this label and instead remain relatively quiet about her grievances.” She shared with us what is meaning of having a paper shredder. She said that the use of shredding papers is a gesture of a person having to go through or being treated that way. For example, they are being overlooked in general like their jobs and identity. People shred papers because that paper is important to them.

Synthesis/My Experience

When I was entering the Gatov Gallery West gallery, I was amazed with Jane artwork and setup. I was amazed when I was looking the cage that she made for hours that turned out to be a great art piece that everyone enjoyed looking at. I can feel what she trying to express with her art. For example, the cage represent that imprison and space that someone is trapped in. Also, she wants to express the issues that women are view in a certain way. I realized that there is no picture for the shredded papers and the cage. She explained that she also wants to express art that does not have images. And adding a picture to the two art pieces will take away the meaning. To her art is a mystery. Each of her artworks has a lot of details. Overall, I like the meaning of the shredded papers because Jane wants to express that a person has to through being looked over in general and job, identity, and culture.


week 4: Automatic drawing

The experience of drawing the automatic drawing was a great experience. This mechanical drawing helps me realise that anything that you come up with is art. I am jubilant to draw with my sister. My sister mentioned that she feels excited when she was drawing with me. We can move our the pens at the same rhythm. We were able to stay focus drawing because we were turning off the light. Overall, this new experience was fun. The result that we got is not what we expected. Even though it does not look like art, I think this is art to me. We both we’re laughing while we were holding the pen to draw.